Die Casting: NADCA Chairman’s Message from Leonard Cordaro

“Made in the USA, Again: Manufacturing is expected to return to America as China’s rising labor costs erase most savings from Offshoring”

No, this is not a title from a Michael Moore movie but the title of a press release published early this summer by The Boston Consulting Group. BCG is a global management consulting firm and a leading advisor on business strategy. The company just completed a strategic study concluding there will be a manufacturing renaissance within five years in the United States.

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Premier Die Casting President Speaks at 2011 Metal Casters Alliance Government Affairs Conference

In May I had the honor of delivering the opening remarks to the 2011 Metal Casters Alliance Government Affairs Conference in Washington DC. This year, as in years before, it was a joint conference between NADCA and the American Foundry Society. AS NADCA Chairman, I set the stage for the conference and gave a brief overview of what to expect for the attendees of over 105 metal casters from around the country. Here are a few pertinent excerpts from my presentation regarding the metal casting industry and the conference on May 4th, 2011 at the JW Marriot in Washington, DC.

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How this Month’s ITC Ruling Will Help Magnesium Die Casting in the US

Although Premier Die Casting Company is not a magnesium die caster, there was a very important development in Washington DC earlier this week that will affect the competitiveness of the magnesium die casting industry in the United States. The development was the result of the work of the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) and a few magnesium die casters in various areas of the country.

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