Die Casting & Quality Assurance: How We Finalize Our Products for the Market

Here at Premier Die Casting we use a number of machines during our assembly and testing procedures. Using assembly machines promises to produce the best products as quickly as possible. This method has been so successful it has been adopted by nearly every industry today, as virtually all car industries use machines in their assembly process. Other products are tested with a network analyzer, which allows us to examine the output of electrical equipment.

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Premier Die Casting Where You Least Expect Us

As an industry leader, the Premier Die Casting Company offers a multitude of services. Among one of the most used services is metal finishing. Prior to metal finishing, the casting and machining steps must be completed. Metal finishing is usually the last step in production since it revolves mostly around the appearance, functionality, and preservation of products. The metal finish acts as protective coating, which is then applied by experts to assure optimal quality.

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Die Casting Defects Training Course Taught December 9th & 10th, 2011

Premier Die Casting has just held its first Die Casting Defects Course designed and taught by the North American Die Casting Association.

Sixteen employees attended the course for two days in a classroom setting. The students listened to Steve Uvardy, NADCA Technical Director, review the types of die casting defects and the root causes for each class of defect. The course also included important topics such as die and gate design aspects that affect quality, process controls, productivity improvements, and metal handling.

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NADCA 2011 Gala Awards Dinner Event, Part 5

Here is the final clip from the North American Die Casting Association’s Gala Awards Dinner Event, as promised.

If you remember, the Gala was held in conjunction with the Die Casting Congress and Tabletop exhibit. For the first time in six years this event was held as a die casting only event and serves as a solid platform for the community to come together with industry colleagues.

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