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From fabricating high-end aluminum die castings to assembly and finishing work, Premier Engineered Products is proud to deliver exceptional engineering services. Everything we do is backed by a skilled team and state-of-the-art machinery and processes. We've been dedicated to building better parts and have helped countless industries find value and performance along the way.

What We Do

Aluminum die casting is at the heart of what we do here at Premier Engineered Products. We design and fabricate custom parts tailored to our customers' specific projects. With our highly efficient processes, we deliver versatile die casting services and quality parts to customers from all industries, including:

  • Automotive and recreational vehicles: From the chassis to the counter mounts, our team creates the parts that keep industries moving every day.
  • Medicine: Medical instruments and hospital equipment call for incredibly precise and accurate components. Die cast parts can meet that need quickly.
  • Telecommunications and Lighting: These industries require electrical enclosures to provide essential weatherproofing tools used in many environments. We make custom enclosures for any application.
  • Firearms: Firearms need high accuracy and reliable parts. Premier Engineered Products is a die casting company that frequently creates these essential parts for military, commercial and law enforcement entities.
  • Industrial equipment: Premier also creates a range of custom components for industrial equipment, like housings, pumps and air compressors.

In addition to die casting, Premier Engineered Products offers a wide range of machining and finishing services, like vibratory deburring, shot blasting, electroplating and much more. In addition, Premier's wide range of assembly and testing capabilities means your product is ready when it arrives at the dock, saving our customers valuable resources and streamlining their supply chains. Our capabilities include any number of complex assemblies and various tests that ensure quality and reliability for you and your end-users.

How We Do It

All of our work starts with our state-of-the-art facilities that total 90,000 square feet. Our cutting-edge equipment includes 12 aluminum die cast machines, a centralized melting system, and individual furnaces that can support various alloys for customized projects. Premier uses technologically advanced die cast equipment, robotic work cells and process monitoring systems for a comprehensive view of the entire production landscape. This setup allows constant evaluation to ensure high-quality parts without defects or waste.

This powerful workspace is leveraged with the expertise of highly skilled engineering professionals. They create prototypes and quickly design tools based on unique project specifications, and operate as project managers that work alongside our teams to ensure efficiency, product success and a positive customer experience.

Working With Premier Engineered Products

Here at Premier Engineered Products, quality comes first to deliver exceptional value to clients through optimized processes and highly efficient manufacturing practices. Explore our website to learn more about our services, industries served or capabilities. You can also reach out to a customer service representative for more information on working with the top-tier fabrication experts at Premier Engineered Products!


Serving A Wide Range Of Industries

We proudly provide die casting services to a wide range of industries, including medical, lighting, commercial equipment, telecom, recreational vehicles and more.

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