Leonard Cordaro Wins 2015 Herman H. Doehler Award

We're extremely proud to announce that Leonard Cordaro has received the 2015 Herman H. Doehler Award. This award is in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of the die casting industry or to the art of die casting.

Award criteria includes but is not limited to:

Technical Achievement - as measured by significant scientific contributions of a metallurgical or engineering nature relating to the die casting process, including casting alloys, die steels and die practices, finishing methods, machine design and related subjects.

Advancement in Plant Operations - of a management or administrative nature and related to the operational phases of the industry safety procedures, devices and techniques, practical mechanical advances and other accomplishments directly related to efficiency, economy and safety of plant operations.

Other Activities - not primarily of a scientific nature or operational nature that result in the enhancement of the reputation and acceptability of die castings. All contributions to the progress of the art of die casting and advancement of the industry are to be evaluated on the applicability of the contribution to the die casting industry as a whole.

A little bit about Leonard:

Leonard Cordaro began his career on a path that is rare among executives. Having earned his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from one of the nation’s top schools, University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana he also received a Masters in Management Science from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Leonard’s goal was to complement his natural technical savvy with a strong foundation in business.

During his work at Rennsalear Leonard was fortunate to be tutored by the Dean of the Management School, Dr. Harry Smith, an authority in statistics having written several books in statistics and regression analysis. Dean Smith wanted to apply statistical techniques to trading egg white futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Leonard developed a predictive statistical model for his thesis. The Dean had worked at Proctor & Gamble where egg whites were purchased for use in shampoos and a price hedging model was needed.

Leonard tailored his education to be able to manage and operate the family die casting business – Premier which was started in 1945 by his grandfather. The business has grown from a small tool shop with a sand foundry to 12 robotic die casting machines, 12 CNC machines and finishing capability in house.

Today Leonard is responsible for all operations at Premier, including but not limited to all sales activities, production management, and strategic planning.

In 1994 Leonard formed a joint venture with a NJ painting company and started a die cast plant in Juarez, Mexico. The company, MicroCast Technologies, has grown to over 30 die casting machines, over 50 CNC machines, painting, plating, and assembly. MicroCast services various industries in the US and Mexico and is growing very rapidly today.

Leonard has been active in the die casting industry for the past 43 years serving as Chairman for the North American Die Casting Association for two years during the challenging economy in 2010 and 2011. He is also a member of the NADCA Government Affairs Committee for the past 39 years and is very active in Washington DC. Leonard also serves on the NADCA Finance Committee for the past 24 years and regularly attends the NADCA Board of Governors’ meetings.

On the personal level Leonard works part time job in the music industry with various musicians at the “Jersey Shore” area, home of Springsteen, Southside Johnny, and Bon Jovi.

He had a cover band for a few years, “One Track Mind”, that performed at various local establishments in New Jersey. He has recently worked in a jazz project “The Sharp 5 Trio”.

Leonard plans to continue working in the die cast community and enjoys traveling, sailing, biking, and skiing in his off time with no plans to slow down.

View Leonard's acceptance speech below:

Also, check out a few photos from the event:

Leonard Receiving Doehler Award
Leonard's Acceptance Speech
Cordaro Family
Dan Twarog, Leonard Cordaro, Andy Behler
Three Generations of Cordaro's
Awards Lunch Table