Happy Thanksgiving from Premier!

The last week of November has finally come! And although many people are already playing their Christmas music, we at Premier Die Casting want to be sure we don’t forget about Thanksgiving.

But before you feast on that turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, here are some interesting statistics about Thanksgiving that might have you viewing it a little differently this year.

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Halloween Recap

Because we can’t take life too seriously…

You may know them by their voices, so lets put a face to them.

Meet Ana and Felicia, the heart and soul of the customer support line at Premier Die Casting Company. Our employees wouldn’t be this enthusiastic about coming to work if they didn’t love our client base.

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Advantages of Die Casting

Very often I receive calls or requests for quote from designers or purchasing people who are not sure if they need a die casting or another process for their project.

Quite often with a good design review process we can suggest the part as a die casting along with other components that are assembled onto the initial part, thus saving tooling and other purchased components.

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