2017 Manufacturing Summit, Washington, DC

2017 Manufacturing Summit
Speaker Of US House of Representatives Paul Ryan presents at 2017 Manufacturing Summit

June 20th-21st, 2017

The 2017 Manufacturing Summit in Washington DC, held by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), is over and there were some great speakers that addressed us at the lunch on the first day.

The first big name speaker was VP Mike Pence who came out and provided the crowd with very encouraging and positive concepts for manufacturing in the United States. It was enlightening to listen to a top government US official who understood manufacturing in America and has a policy to encourage future manufacturing with Tax Reform, Fair Trade Policies, Infrastructure Investment, Regulatory Reform, and Workplace Development.

The next speaker to show up at the podium was House Majority Leader Paul Ryan.  Representative Ryan is an excellent speaker and is another strong supporter of manufacturing in the US. Mr Ryan detailed his plan on domestic reform such as ObamaCare replacement, Tax Reform, Work Form Development, and Fair Trade.

Mike Pence
Vice President Mike Pence presenting at 2017 Manufacturing Summit

The rest of the first day (June 20th, 2017) involved visits to congressional offices by the attendees.

The second day of the Summit the breakfast speaker was the Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta.  Secretary Acosta spoke of apprentice programs to train workers to fit the job openings many of the manufacturing companies have in the US. Currently there are 350,000 open positions in manufacturing and most of them are skilled positions.  Even machine operators today have new requirements on their skills set due to the new machine technology in the machines and robots in our plants.

The last speaker at the Summit was House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy at lunch on the second day. McCarthy is another supporter of manufacturing in the US which gives the manufacturing base a great deal of hope for the future of manufacturing in the US.

The NAM Summit is very well organized and NAM has more power in Washington to attract bigger name speakers than a small group of die casters who visit DC once a year. So the decision to hold both the NADCA Washington Conference at the same time of the NAM Manufacturing Summit was an easy one for us at NADCA.

I have been visiting Washington DC for nearly 43 years with NADCA and I am impressed by the job the National Association of Manufacturers is doing to represent all manufacturers in the US and the contacts they have established in Washington is impressive.  Getting speakers like VP Pence and Paul Ryan to address the manufacturing base is proof of NAM’s involvement.

NADCA and the die casting industry is benefiting from partaking in the NAM Summit each year in Washington DC.

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