2020 Doehler Award Presentation

Leonard Cordaro, Chairman of the NADCA Awards Committee, presented the 2020 Herman Doehler Award. The Doehler Award is the most prestigious Award in the die casting industry.

The recipient of this Award is determined by a committee of past Chairmen of NADCA. The Awards Committee reviews the contributions of individuals whose names are submitted by the general membership of NADCA each year. Consideration for receiving this award includes several factors such as service to the industry, leadership, advancement of the industry, support of NADCA, technical achievements, and marketing achievements.

What is the Doehler Award?

Doehler Award: Presented for outstanding contribution to the advancement of the die casting industry or to the art of die casting as represented by:

• Technical Achievement: as measured by significant scientific contributions of a metallurgical or engineering nature relating to the die casting process, including casting alloys, die steels and die practices, finishing methods, machine design, and related subjects.

• Advancement in Plant Operations: of a management or administrative nature and related to the industry’s operational phases; safety procedures, devices and techniques; practical mechanical advances and other accomplishments directly related to efficiency; economy and safety of plant operation.

• Other Activities: not primarily of a scientific or operational nature that results in enhancing the reputation and acceptability of die castings. All contributions to the art of die casting and advancement of the industry are to be evaluated on the applicability of the contribution to the die casting industry as a whole.

2020 Doehler Award Winner

This year’s recipient of the Doehler Award is Doug Harmon, Chairman of Twin Cities Die Casting. Doug has been involved in die casting since 1976 and specifically with NADCA since 2004 in various committees and became the Chairman of NADCA in 2015.

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