Automation in Die Casting

The relationship between manufacturing and automation is nothing new. Since Henry Ford introduced the first assembly line, automated processes have been a critical part of manufacturing operations. Today, with the increasing sophistication of robots and the growth of artificial intelligence, the role of automation in manufacturing is greater than ever before. So where does automation Read More

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Die Casting vs. 3D Printing

For decades, die casting has been accepted as an extremely effective and reliable way to manufacture parts, especially metal parts. While die casting has stood the test of time, other methods of parts manufacturing have come to the forefront with technological advances, specifically 3D printing. If you need quality parts manufactured for your operations, you Read More

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Interesting Careers in Die Casting

Are you someone who is creative and likes working with your hands? Are you interested in helping to build important products that can really make a difference in the community? You may be interested in looking into careers in die casting. There are many opportunities for those who want to jump-start die casting careers and Read More

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Shell Molding vs. Die Casting

Choosing the right manufacturing processes can feel overwhelming, as there are so many possible options. Two choices to consider are shell molding and die casting. Both of these processes have their advantages and can be used to produce various types of components.  So, what are the differences between these processes, and how do you know Read More

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