5 Great States That Aren’t Missing a Beat This Labor Day

Originally created in 1882, Labor Day originated as a holiday for workers, primarily union workers.  In 1894, the holiday became nationally recognized, as an official holiday.  Initial celebrations included parades, parties, speeches, while still popular these events are less common.  Many people enjoy the day by hanging around the house with family or neighbors, enjoying the warm weather as the fall months approach.

If you aren’t good with remembering dates, not a problem.  Labor Day is always the first Monday in September.  This holiday has been strategically placed between 4th of July and Thanksgiving to break up the transitions through the seasons.

If you’re not hanging around the house where should you be?

Washington, D.C.

Maryland Crab Race on Labor DayThe district is loaded with traditional celebrations are parades take place in a majority of towns and cities.  You will also find: free concerts, wine festivals, renaissance fairs, carnivals, art shows, drum and dance competitions, and their very own Crab Derby.



Atlanta, G.A.

SpeedwayThe Georgia Dome will be featuring a Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, on the other side of town the Dragon Con event will be attracting sci-fi and fantasy lovers from across the globe.  The state offers a number of parades, but among their largest attraction is the Nascar race Advocare 500 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.



Denver, C.O.

A Taste of Colorado is one of the state’s largest events, a four-day festival that includes everything from concerts, to carnivals and food trucks for the foodies out there.  Apart from that, the state offers: sculpture gardens, college football games, major league baseball, art museums, Denver Zoo, and water parks.  You will also find special performances by: Phish, Keith Urban, MC Hammer, and America.

New York, N.Y.

This labor day you will find nearly every style of music performances in city wide carnivals, concerts, festivals, and fairs.  Art exhibits are scheduled for the art lovers, and The U.S. Open will be in Queens for the sports enthusiast.

Atlantic City, N.J.

In this miniature city of lights, Atlantic City and it’s iconic boardwalk will wow the crowd.  The coast of New Jersey allows guests to get  their last visit in for the season, while the hotels of Atlantic City provide nightlife and special appearances from a number of guests.

From Washington to Denver, this Labor Day is offering something for everything.  Whether this holiday weekend inspires you to travel across state borders, or stay in your neighborhood, the Premier Family hopes you enjoy your day of rest!

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By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products

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