A Brief Look into 4 Die Cast Software Programs

In the die casting industry we rely upon our machinery to help us accomplish everything we need; this includes design software programs. There are software programs out there that can help when it comes to the die casting process. These programs help put to life what we have inside our heads with design, and can set realistic goals for us to accomplish.

Why Use Software Programs?

Software programs can benefit your die casting process, but not every software is right for your individual needs. It’s important to take a look at all the options on the market, and to understand that the die cast industry is ever-evolving and that software programs evolve along with it. Even still, these programs are a valuable asset in the die casting process.

The Software Programs

Some companies offer their own specialized software programs, but others buy and use ones that are produced by other companies that specify in software programming. These four software programs are all from companies or organizations that don’t specialize in die casting themselves.

CastView 2.1

43 NADCA has this software program available for purchase for their members. CastView is a design tool that helps with specific information in 3-dimiensional graphic form. It has a “quick and dirty” analysis of the die-casting part design without additional information, extra input data, or previous experience from the user, which makes it incredibly user friendly. You can read more about what NADCA offers to its members here.


  • User friendly controls
  • New zooming options
  • Evaluations of thickness and distance
  • Functions to test for bad STL files
  • Assigning measurements – or leaving them blank
  • Information about the details of STL files, voxel files, and gate files
  • Print and save functions
  • An animation function


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SoildWorks is a company that offers 3D CAD packages that can help with product design. They have three different CAD packages on the market now: Premium, Professional, and Standard. These products help with the speed and productivity of the design part of the process. Here at Premier Engineered Products, we use SolidWorks to help create the best product design around.



  • Comprehensive 3D design solutions
  • Powerful simulation
  • Design validation to capabilities
  • ECAD/MCAD collaboration
  • Reverse engineering


  • Increase design productivity
  • File management tools
  • Advanced photorealistic rendering
  • Automated cost estimation
  •  Automated design and drawing check


  • 3D design solution
  • 2D capabilities
  • Specific tools for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, and mold tool and die

Infor ERP VISUAL 7.0

Infor VISUAL is a manufacturing software solution company that serves the needs of a diverse manufacturing industry with their software. This ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is used for implementing a robust ERP for the first time that will help businesses and organizations function smoothly. This version has been modified with new enhancements to performance as well as visual enhancements for the user.


  • Manufacturing window improvements
    • Grid display
    • Reference designators
    • Master/leg updater
    • Project enhancements to integrate projects more seamlessly
    • Efficiency Enhancements
      • Recently used file list
      • Lifecycle document viewer
      • At-a-glance indicators
      • Enterprise-wide search
      • Scheduling window interface
      • Purchase contracts

Synchro ERP

47 Synchro is a company that specializes in the cast metal industry and produces Synchro ERP, a specific software ERP system that is promised to meet the individual requirements for each manufacturer. They have software for many different metal cast industries including: Iron Foundry ERP Software, Aluminum Sand Foundry ERP Software, Die Casting (Pressure Die Caster) ERP Software, Gravity Die Casting ERP Software, Precision Moulder ERP Software, and more. This software does more than just help with any kind of designing, it can help you run your entire business.


  • Production and scheduling
  • Costing and Estimating
  • Pattern and Tooling
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • And Much More

There are many other die casting software programs available for anyone to acquire and use, and a quick look at software programs is hardly the tip of the ice burg when looking at what goes into the entire die casting process. With such a complex industry it’s nice to take an individual look at the different parts of the die casting process and see the achievements we can gain when we put all the pieces together.

While we use SoildWorks and Infor VISUAL 7.0, we understand that each company has their own software preferences. Luckily, we can still use 3D files from different customers like IGES and STEP that are sent to us with our software resources. That means sending us your designs so we can provide a cost effective solution for your die casting needs is still a simple process. By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products

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