How to Purchase an Aluminum Die Casting Mold

In the previous blog on “Types of Die Casting Molds” I explained the basics of various molds that are common in the die casting industry. The understanding of what type of mold is being offered by your die cast sources is very important for valid quote comparisons and long term costs associated with mold life and maintenance with high volume die cast parts.

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NADCA Design Award Competition

The NADCA Tabletop Exposition was held in Louisville, Kentucky from September 16-18, 2013. The Exposition was a large success with over 750 attendees visiting with suppliers and their peers.

A well known event during the exposition was the 2013 International Die Casting Design Competition which acknowledges industry innovation along with promoting the increased use of die castings through recognizing and publicizing outstanding designs. There are four equally weighted criteria: ingenuity of casting and/or product design, overall quality, cost savings as compared to other manufacturing processes and the part’s contribution to expanding the market for die castings. A panel of independent judges—acknowledged experts—chose this year’s winners.

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Aluminum Die Casting – Types of Die Casting Dies

Many potential new purchasers of die castings do not understand what a die casting mold looks like or what the different types of molds that can be constructed are. The purchase of a mold is a large expenditure for the customer base and many times die cast quotes do not clearly define what type or quality of mold that is being offered thus creating an “apples to oranges” price comparison in the evaluation of a project.

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Tooling Guidelines for Aluminum Die Casting

Quite often I receive requests to quote parts for die casting and the purchaser may or may not realize what is involved in designing and fabricating a mold that will produce a quality die cast part in high volume quantities.

I am also surprised when new customers have tooling to transfer from an existing source and they are not fully aware what type of tooling they have purchased from their current vendor.

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Premier Die Casting Presented with Education Award at the North America Die Casting Association (NADCA) Expo

The NADCA Tabletop Exposition was held in Louisville, Kentucky on September 16-18, 2013. The Exposition is a great opportunity for the die casting industry to convene, visit with industry vendors, and meet with peers to discuss current events and issues affecting the industry.

One of the events during the exposition is the Die Casting Industry Luncheon which is a tribute to individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the die casting industry and the North American Die Casting Association. The awards given out include safety awards, best congress paper award, the emphasis on education award, and the Doehler Award.

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