Automation in Die Casting

The relationship between manufacturing and automation is nothing new. Since Henry Ford introduced the first assembly line, automated processes have been a critical part of manufacturing operations. Today, with the increasing sophistication of robots and the growth of artificial intelligence, the role of automation in manufacturing is greater than ever before. So where does automation play a role in die casting? 

Thanks to modern technology, the benefits of automation in die casting are only continuing to increase. Read on for more on how you can make automation work for your company’s die casting needs.

The Benefits of Automation in Die Casting

At first glance, it may seem like automation in metal casting is unnecessary. You melt the metal in a furnace and pour it into a die to cool. However, automation can actually streamline this production process and significantly reduce your operating costs. 

Automation can help metal parts processing machines run more efficiently. For example, load-sensing trim presses can make the machine run faster if it does not need to run at maximum performance, increasing productivity. A die cast machine that runs automatically also provides a more uniform cycle time and a more consistent spray pattern. In addition, making sure equipment is only running when and as much as it needs to will reduce wear, making machines last longer with less maintenance.

Additionally, automation offers tremendous safety benefits by minimizing worker contact with molten metal and high-temperature components. Other benefits of automation in die casting include:

  • Consistency: Automating processes along the die casting production line helps ensure you will get the same result every time, even with precision operations.
  • Fewer personnel: Automation allows a single operator to run multiple machines related to the die casting process, which increases safety and can save on staffing costs.
  • Less waste: Because automated processes are very precise, they produce less waste, saving you money on raw materials and cleanup requirements as well as simplifying quality control.
  • Speed: Part-to-part cycle times are faster when using automation, resulting in increased productivity. Also, you won’t have as many interruptions to the process, as robots do not need to take lunch or bathroom breaks. 
  • Lower labor costs: Using robots enables you to reduce labor-related expenses such as health care and workers’ comp costs.
  • Continuous improvement: Automation makes it easier to make quick “breakthrough” process improvements or incremental improvements over time.

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