What a way to go! CastExpo‘10 was held in Orlando, FL, at the Orange County Convention Center from March 20 to March 23. The exposition is the largest single trade show in North America for metalcasters and was co-sponsored by NADCA and AFS for the third time as a collaborative effort.

The show was unique due to the fact that a visitor could have discovered the latest developments in technology, equipment and marketing strategies all in one location. The exhibition also provided an opportunity for an attendee to interact with industry professionals, suppliers and customers. This interaction is very important for those who need to know what is happening in the marketplace, trends in our industry and how fellow metalcasters are dealing with different situations such as greenhouse gas regulation and energy conservation, just to name a few.

In addition to the various exhibitors, the Metalcasting Congress was held with more than 150 technical presentations on the latest advancements in metalcasting research and practices. At this venue, a technical person could certainly get their fill of new technology in our industry in a short period of time. The congress has occurred with every exposition and has resulted in the printed “Transactions” over the past years, although today the Transactions are now downloadable from the NADCA Web site.

There were a few new ideas rolled out in this year’s show, one of them being the Metalcasting Technology Theatre. The theatre provided practical shop-floor presentations for both metalcasters and casting buyers on the CastExpo exhibit floor and complemented the Metalcasting Congress sessions. Another new concept was the Metalcasting Advancement Center, which included seminars by industry renowned speakers on how to enhance productivity and providing attendees with take home initiatives to improve their operations.

Technical sessions (Casting Buyer and Designer Education Tracks) were offered for designers and buyers of castings that provided education on topics from the basics of metalcasting to the latest technologies metalcasters use to produce a casting. Helping product designers with the basics of cost-effective casting designs will certainly help promote the growth of future die castings in the marketplace.

Another new concept this year on the Exposition floor was the “Cast in North America” section. This area consisted of a number of foundries and die casters exhibiting their capabilities for any die cast customer or designer who happened to attend the show.

So, where does all this good technical and educational stuff lead us to? It brings us to the NADCA 2010 International Die Casting Design Competition luncheon, which was held on March 22. The competition highlights and acknowledges innovation in die cast designs. It also promotes the increased use of die castings through recognizing and publicizing these outstanding designs.

If you look at the cutting edge winning designs of this year’s competition, you will understand why it is important for NADCA to promote technology advancements and education throughout our industry. The effort to increase market share of die castings in existing markets and penetrate into new markets is a constant challenge for all of us and can only be accomplished with new technology advancements to stay ahead of our competition, whether it be offshore sourcing or a competitive process.

The exposition would not have been complete without the Die Casting Industry Awards Banquet. At every CastExpo, NADCA gives out its industry awards to honor individuals and companies who have contributed their time, effort and resources to furthering the die casting industry. The areas of contributions include service to the industry, support of NADCA, technical achievements and marketing of our industry. It is important that we recognize those who have made the extra effort in supporting our industry.

Last but not least, I would like to thank and recognize those individuals who put the time, effort and resources into making CastExpo‘10 happen. The show was in the making for many years prior to March 20, and as seamless as it may have appeared, there was a great effort by many people besides the NADCA staff to make this event happen smoothly. Thank you all for your efforts on behalf of the thousands of attendees, exhibitors and authors of our great die casting industry.


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