Aluminum Die Casting and The Impact of Robotic Machines Over the Years

Technology has had a monumental impact in virtually every industry over the years. Whether it’s shortening the time it takes to complete a task, making it easier, or simply making it safer, there’s no doubt that technology has changed the way many things are done.

This is also true for the die casting industry. With the implementation of robotics to perform some of the tasks that are part of the die casting process, things have taken a turn for the better.

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NADCA Design Award Competition

The NADCA Tabletop Exposition was held in Louisville, Kentucky from September 16-18, 2013. The Exposition was a large success with over 750 attendees visiting with suppliers and their peers.

A well known event during the exposition was the 2013 International Die Casting Design Competition which acknowledges industry innovation along with promoting the increased use of die castings through recognizing and publicizing outstanding designs. There are four equally weighted criteria: ingenuity of casting and/or product design, overall quality, cost savings as compared to other manufacturing processes and the part’s contribution to expanding the market for die castings. A panel of independent judges—acknowledged experts—chose this year’s winners.

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Premier’s President Speaks at 2011 Metal Casters Alliance Government Affairs Conference

In May I had the honor of delivering the opening remarks to the 2011 Metal Casters Alliance Government Affairs Conference in Washington DC. This year, as in years before, it was a joint conference between NADCA and the American Foundry Society. AS NADCA Chairman, I set the stage for the conference and gave a brief overview of what to expect for the attendees of over 105 metal casters from around the country. Here are a few pertinent excerpts from my presentation regarding the metal casting industry and the conference on May 4th, 2011 at the JW Marriot in Washington, DC.

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How this Month’s ITC Ruling Will Help Magnesium Die Casting in the US

Although Premier Die Casting Company is not a magnesium die caster, there was a very important development in Washington DC earlier this week that will affect the competitiveness of the magnesium die casting industry in the United States. The development was the result of the work of the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) and a few magnesium die casters in various areas of the country.

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NADCA Gains Insights from the Metef-Foundeq Expo

NADCA was asked to send two representatives to the Metef-Foundeq Expo in Brescia, Italy on April 14-17, since the European community has a strong interest in what is happening in North America. Leonard Cordaro (president, Premier Die Casting Co.) and Eric Treiber (president, Chicago White Metal Casting) attended the conference, representing NADCA.

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