Die Casting: NADCA Chairman’s Message from Leonard Cordaro

“Made in the USA, Again: Manufacturing is expected to return to America as China’s rising labor costs erase most savings from Offshoring”

No, this is not a title from a Michael Moore movie but the title of a press release published early this summer by The Boston Consulting Group. BCG is a global management consulting firm and a leading advisor on business strategy. The company just completed a strategic study concluding there will be a manufacturing renaissance within five years in the United States.

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Premier’s President Speaks at 2011 Metal Casters Alliance Government Affairs Conference

In May I had the honor of delivering the opening remarks to the 2011 Metal Casters Alliance Government Affairs Conference in Washington DC. This year, as in years before, it was a joint conference between NADCA and the American Foundry Society. AS NADCA Chairman, I set the stage for the conference and gave a brief overview of what to expect for the attendees of over 105 metal casters from around the country. Here are a few pertinent excerpts from my presentation regarding the metal casting industry and the conference on May 4th, 2011 at the JW Marriot in Washington, DC.

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