Why Should You Choose High-Pressure Die Casting?

High-pressure die casting uses a hydraulic piston system to inject molten metals into a steel cast, known as a die, to create complex parts using the most efficient possible methods. There are numerous advantages to pressure-casting metal, including an increase in overall production output and greater flexibility in functional, mechanical and decorative finishes.  High-pressure aluminum Read More

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Die Cast Tooling 101

Several industries use die casting since it provides numerous benefits. Die casting makes it possible to produce complex shapes and quality parts in large quantities with better precision than the other production processes. While there’s a lot of information regarding metal casting 101, those focusing on die cast tooling are more limited. This article explains Read More

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Aluminum Die Casting Design Guide

Die casting, the process of forcing molten metal into a mold cavity under extreme pressure, is a standard manufacturing process in numerous industries. While die casting can occur using various metals, aluminum is one of the more common materials. Die casting has stood the test of time. Since its invention in 1884, it’s become a preferred Read More

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NADCA Update – President Obama Announces Winners of New Manufacturing Competitions

8-18-16 Being a long standing Corporate member in NADCA (North American Die Casting Association) has many benefits. Today NADCA had the following press release issued regarding Smart Manufacturing and how NADCA is involved: President Obama Announces Winner of New Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute and New Manufacturing Hub Competitions “The North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) Read More

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