Part 2: Aluminum Die Casting vs. Other Casting Processes

The great part about this industry is that there are a number of valuable resources available; sometimes the hard part is finding them. Last year I created a General Casting Design Data Sheet in hopes of having a single reference point for the properties and tooling specs for seven of the most widely used casting processes.

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6 Major Must-Attend Die Casting Events In 2014

If you’re in the die casting industry and looking to improve and/or expand your business, attending at least one of these events would be extremely beneficial. Go overseas to Germany or China, or if you just want to stay within the United States, this list has you covered.

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New CNC Okuma Lathe Arrives at Premier

It is the start of a new year 2014, and Premier has just purchased a new CNC Okuma Lathe to machine aluminum die castings with exacting precision on a high volume part.

The new lathe was purchased as added capacity for a long time customer who requires the die castings machined to such a tight tolerance that 100% air gauging is needed to verify a critical main bore.

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Merry Christmas from Premier!

The most wonderful time of the year is here, and the big day is coming fast! We’re just as ready as anyone to open our presents and spend time with family and friends this Christmas.
And you can’t forget all of the great Christmas traditions—one of them being decorating the tree! Did you know that about 30-35 million real Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. each year? And decorating them is great fun for everyone, especially when you choose which ornaments get placed on the tree. Some are homemade crafts, and some are store-bought.

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