Die Casting Across The Globe

UntitledThere’s no question that the die casting industry in the U.S. is among the highest quality in the world. Our high standards and devotion to a quality product make the U.S. industry the place to go for anyone here—or across the globe—who’s interested in die casting services.

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The Idea of At-Home 3D Printers

With the incredible advancement of technology over the past decade—even the past couple years—it’s not surprising that things originally made for commercial use are now making their way into the home. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that computers were a rare sight in the average person’s house. Now, it’s weird not to see one.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Premier Die Casting!

The last week of November has finally come! And although many people are already playing their Christmas music, we at Premier Die Casting want to be sure we don’t forget about Thanksgiving.

But before you feast on that turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, here are some interesting statistics about Thanksgiving that might have you viewing it a little differently this year.

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How to Purchase an Aluminum Die Casting Mold

In the previous blog on “Types of Die Casting Molds” I explained the basics of various molds that are common in the die casting industry. The understanding of what type of mold is being offered by your die cast sources is very important for valid quote comparisons and long term costs associated with mold life and maintenance with high volume die cast parts.

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Aluminum Die Casting – Types of Die Casting Dies

Many potential new purchasers of die castings do not understand what a die casting mold looks like or what the different types of molds that can be constructed are. The purchase of a mold is a large expenditure for the customer base and many times die cast quotes do not clearly define what type or quality of mold that is being offered thus creating an “apples to oranges” price comparison in the evaluation of a project.

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