Common Products That Are Casted

Can your company benefit from die cast parts? You might be surprised. Die casting remains one of the most reliable methods for making metal parts, especially parts made from metals like aluminum, zinc and magnesium. With the right die casting tools, the shapes and pieces you can create out of these metals are almost limitless. You probably walk past dozens upon dozens of die cast parts every day without even realizing it.

Some of the common products you may not have realized are often made using die casting include:

1. Medical Devices

Die casting is ideal for medical devices because these devices often must be entirely made of aluminum or have parts crafted from it. Aluminum is a very suitable medium for die casting. Medical devices that are likely to have been die cast include:

  • Gear boxes for hospital beds
  • Parts for peristaltic pumps, oxygen pumps or insulin pumps
  • Operating room robots
  • Monitors
  • Surgical tools

2. Recreational Vehicles

That big RV you’ve admired cruising down the highway from time to time probably wouldn’t look like much without die cast parts. We can die cast aluminum and zinc parts for recreational vehicles including:

  • Cylinders
  • Chassis
  • Liner inserts
  • Trim molding
  • A wide range of decorative parts
  • And more

When you’re looking at an RV, you’re probably looking at a lot of die cast metal.

3. Traffic Lights

Die cast metal is also used for traffic lights. Aluminum alloys and casting dies are a great way to create lighting enclosures and other parts for traffic lights. This metal is inexpensive and lightweight, and it is also a good conductor with strong thermal properties.  Aluminum cast housings are much stronger than plastic housings for locations with hurricanes and high wind storms.

4. Outdoor Lighting

Just as aluminum die cast parts are an ideal choice for traffic lights, they are also a great option for all kinds of outdoor lighting. Die cast parts work for light housings as well as for a wide variety of light fixtures especially with LED lights that require heat dissipation in the fixture.

5. Firearms

Firearms are tailor-made for die casting. Most of the parts of your shotgun, rifle or pistol may well be made of die cast metal. The die cast metal parts might include:

  • Trigger guards
  • Triggers
  • Safeties
  • And more

6. Industrial Equipment

You’ll find die cast parts all over the manufacturing plants of a wide range of industries. From wall mount bearing housings and air compressors to industrial pumps, porter cable pump housings and piston connecting rods, you can’t go a long distance in many industrial plants without passing by a die cast piece.

7. Telecommunications

Telecommunications equipment can be heavily reliant on die cast aluminum parts with their high conductivity, low weight and durability. Die cast telecommunications equipment parts can include:

  • RF filters
  • Antenna mounts
  • Front face plates
  • Electrical housings

Die casting is truly a superior way of creating a wide range of components, particularly when you need the elemental benefits of metals like zinc, aluminum and magnesium. If your company uses metal parts and you’re not sure whether die casting is an appropriate way to build them, get in touch with us at Premier Engineered Products.

Contact Premier for All Your Die Casting Needs

Now that you know some common, everyday products that use die casting, you probably have some ideas about parts that we can die cast for you and your business. We’re ready to hear all those ideas and bring them to life. With Premier, you can always count on getting high-quality, fully-tested parts made to your specifications, as well as superior service throughout the entire process.

We are the experts at making die cast parts. We have over 70 years of experience casting durable components for a wide range of industries. We do everything in-house at our state-of-the-art facility to provide a turnkey solution to your die casting needs. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with an undisputed reputation for being a reliable high-quality aluminum parts provider. To find out about die casting products for your business, contact us online today.

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