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UntitledThere’s no question that the die casting industry in the U.S. is among the highest quality in the world. Our high standards and devotion to a quality product make the U.S. industry the place to go for anyone here—or across the globe—who’s interested in die casting services.

We’re firm believers that American manufacturers looking for die casting services should stick to American die casting companies. However, taking a look at what the industry is like in other parts of the world can be beneficial.

The World of Die Casting

While America has over 300 die casting companies within its own borders, there are plenty more in other parts of the world. Developed countries like China, Australia and countries in Europe, for instance, are more places where quality die casting companies can be found.

As far as less-developed countries, the options start to thin out. While some have their own plants, many aren’t able to withstand such a big operation—at least not one that is of good quality.

There have been instances where manufacturers have ordered parts from offshore die casting companies in these countries because the prices were significantly lower than in the states, most likely due to lower cost of labor. The problem, however, is that the parts they were getting were not of good quality. In many less-developed countries, the standards for products and services are not as high as you’ll find in the states.
So the money the manufacturers “saved” on the parts ended up getting spent anyway in order to fix the parts. Add in the extra shipping costs, and they very well may have spent more than they would have with an American company.

A Developing Industry

One country in particular that has made its way into the die casting industry as a main competitor, however, is Iran. Although there has been a die casting presence there for somewhere around 60 years, it’s only been in the most recent years that significant improvements have been made to make it a world competitor.

With the country’s closer proximity to Europe, its access to commercial waters, and the existence of mines providing some metals for the casting process, Iran has brought itself to a good position in the industry. And now, with more advanced training and education being offered to the workers, things are looking to improve even more.

Buying In-Country Is Still Best

Like previously mentioned, American manufacturers buying American is still best. There’s a long list of benefits to buying American, including better communication, less handling cost, less paperwork, fewer legal worries, and environmental benefits. Plus, you can’t forget that {buying American} supports our economy and supplies more Americans with jobs.

In the end, die casting has a presence around the world, and there are many other countries that have successful die casting industries as well. But America is home to companies with some of the highest quality products and standards.

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By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products

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