Die Casting Safety Tips

Die Casting Safety Tips

If you are attempting die casting yourself, you must follow recommended safety protocols. The injury rate for people in the die casting industry is roughly twice that of other industries, so it is crucial to follow the necessary steps for the safe execution of the melting, casting, trimming, machining, and finishing processes that go with die casting.

Make Use of Safety Devices

Safety devices are an important way to protect operators from machine hazards. For example, a fixed guard provides a barrier that prevents people from reaching into a machine and crushing their hands.

These machines can interfere with visibility, but they may be worth it for the protection it provides.

Make Sure All Machines Are in Working Order

Before starting to work with die casting, it’s important to ensure all machines you’ll be using are clean, functioning properly and will not present any obvious threats to safety.

The time to find out that a machine is not functioning correctly is not in the middle of a production run.

Wear Protective Gear

You should wear appropriate protective gear (also called PPE – personal protective equipment) which includes safety glasses, ear protection, and safety shoes at all times when working on your die casting. Even if you are spending a short amount of time on the production floor, you need to wear your safety equipment.

It only takes a moment for a crippling accident to occur.

Pay Attention and Follow All Established Protocols

Most accidents are caused when someone loses focus or doesn’t perform a task as safety protocols recommend. Die casters are working with high levels of heat and molten metal, and it is very easy to get badly burned if you are not paying proper attention to what you are doing.

Read Provided Safety Information

NADCA, the North American Die Casting Association, provides extensive literature for your safety during die casting. This includes the General Safety Book and Safety Orientation for Die Casters, the NADCA Machine Safety Standard Safety Audit Checklist and Electrical Interface Report, the Safety Signage for Machines booklet and a variety of informative safety videos.

As a professional die caster or the manager of a die casting company, it is important to make sure you are fully versed in and follow all necessary safety procedures. 96 percent of injuries in the die casting workplace are caused by unsafe acts, meaning they can be avoided by staying focused and following proper safety procedures.

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