Die Casting: Welcome to 2011

Welcome to 2011.

With the year 2010 fading in the rear view mirror, it is a good time to take a look at a few of the major things that occurred at North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) in 2010. These items will set the direction for 2011 and beyond for NADCA and its membership.

In May NADCA decided to split from holding joint casting shows/expositions with AFS and start “die cast only” shows beginning with a congress/tabletop exhibit in Columbus, Ohio in September, 2011. A complete die cast exposition will be held in Indianapolis in 2012 and will continue on a two year cycle in the same location.

In June the NADCA Board reviewed recommendations from our corporate member growth and retention committee. The action plan resulted in numerous (13) recommendations, but the major suggestion was to conduct a value survey of non corporate members to determine why they were not corporate members of NADCA. The survey was sent to 178 non corporate members. There were many suggestions and recommendations sent in, many of them so good that we have acted upon them already. A few to mention: conduct webinars, establish a buy/sell area and a jobs page on the NADCA website, start a NADCA blog, develop ebooks for education, hold more Chapter meetings by the NADCA staff and visit non members in the Chapter areas. All good ideas that will make NADCA more valuable to the membership at large.

The most important question asked in the value survey of the non corporate members –“why are you not a corporate member?” The biggest response (42%) was: “we don’t receive enough benefits for the cost of the corporate membership”. As a result of this response we have created a value calculator that lists NADCA’s services and the discounted pricing of the services for a corporate member versus a non corporate member.

If your company uses advertising, publications and software, on line training, in-plant programs then the calculator will show the value of your corporate membership as you use the services. This tool is on line at www.diecasting.org/membership/calculator. For those of you who are not corporate members but use NADCA services or are considering using more of the services take a look and see what savings you could realize by becoming a corporate member.

In July we engaged a new Washington DC representative after our long time firm decided to retire from the public sector. Our Government Affairs Committee has been working with the new firm, Artemis Strategies, developing a new approach to the Washington effort with some very different ideas and strategies which will take NADCA into this coming year with more emphasis on results. This is an excellent time to forge ahead in Washington, DC especially with the recent election results.

Looking forward we start 2011 with this magazine issue focusing on energy. Energy is a large cost component for any die cast facility from the gas/electric we use to melt metal, to the electricity used for the motors in plant. The fact remains that energy will increase in cost globally in the future due to greater demand from all developing countries, especially China which will use 30% of the world’s energy by 2035.

NADCA has been holding energy seminars in various locations around the country for the past few years. I attended the one in Indianapolis in August, 2009 and it was excellent. The seminar is a good way to review new technologies in one location, meet energy experts, and discuss efforts to reduce costs with your peers.

Another useful product NADCA has to offer the membership is the Energy Saving Manual. This manual is full of ideas and methods that can save you money.

If you are not a corporate member yet please consider becoming one and take advantage of the products and services NADCA has to offer – the value calculator will show you the cost savings you will realize by converting. For information, go to https://www.diecasting.org.


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