How Choosing an American Manufacturer Helps the Economy

While many companies outsource their manufacturing overseas, there are many benefits of American manufacturing. Why exactly should you choose U.S. manufacturers? For starters, American manufacturers help keep money in the country rather than abroad.

Here are the top six ways that American manufacturing benefits our economy.

1. More Jobs

Choosing an American manufacturer creates more demand for companies, which means more jobs can be created and filled to help meet those demands. Manufacturing jobs in the U.S. have been on the rise. In fact, Consumer Reports found that in 2019 there were 264,000 new manufacturing jobs created, which is the highest number of new workers in the U.S. since 1988.

Manufacturing jobs provide a consistent, livable wage for their employees. In an economy in which many struggle to make a living, manufacturing jobs offer a more sustainable salary. A greater number of manufacturing jobs means more American workers can sufficiently support themselves and their families.

2. Lower Costs

The costs of shipping overseas can be expensive and quickly add up, especially when shipping large and heavy parts. As the customer, shipping costs are built into the price you pay for goods and services. But if shipping stays within the U.S., additional costs can be eliminated. This provides significant cost savings for companies and ultimately for the consumer.

When prices on goods and services are low, people are more likely to go out and spend their money. And when people spend money on American products and services, our economy experiences a boost.

3. Quicker Turnarounds

Manufacturing within the U.S. saves time. Shipping products from overseas adds a long period of travel time into the schedule. In some cases, it could take weeks or even months depending on the shipping method. In contrast, it typically takes an average of five business days to ship across the U.S.

By saving time, goods and supplies can be produced and sold more quickly. With better turnaround times on product creation, companies can make and distribute more of their products to keep up with demand. With more products available, consumers are likely to buy more, which will contribute to greater economic growth.

4. Better Quality

When you use an American manufacturer, you can count on high-quality products. Items made overseas are typically made from cheaper materials that can break or experience other issues, increasing repair costs. You could end up spending more on repairs than you would have on buying a better product from the beginning.

People are more likely to buy products they know will last, even if they have to pay a little more upfront. Choosing an American manufacturer will ensure you receive high-quality parts and services and help keep business in the U.S.

5. More Tax Money

By using an American manufacturing company, the money paid for taxes will go directly into the United States economy. Making, selling and buying goods in the U.S. means more money stays here. Taxes paid to the U.S. go to everything from our military to health care and education. Keeping tax money in our country means more money for those systems and an overall economic boost.

6. Reduced Counterfeits

When machines, parts and products that are designed in the United States are manufactured overseas, there is a higher chance that those ideas — our intellectual property — will be stolen. In fact, our country loses billions of dollars every year in counterfeits, which is a huge hit to the economy. Counterfeits affect a variety of industries, from technology to defense and more.

By choosing an American manufacturing company, overseas companies won’t be able to gain exposure to American ideas. This will help lessen the chance of other countries stealing our intellectual property.

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