How this Month’s ITC Ruling Will Help Magnesium Die Casting in the US

Although Premier Engineered Products is not a magnesium die caster, there was a very important development in Washington DC earlier this week that will affect the competitiveness of the magnesium die casting industry in the United States.  The development was the result of the work of the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) and a few magnesium die casters in various areas of the country.

On February 10, 2011 the United States magnesium die casting industry achieved an important victory before the International Trade Commission (ITC), which acted to revoke the antidumping order on magnesium from Russia.  The order on Chinese alloy magnesium was continued.

In a 4-1 vote, the ITC determined to revoke the antidumping duty order on imports of pure and alloy magnesium from Russia.  Revocation of this order will help the U.S. magnesium die casting industry recover by increasing competition in the magnesium market.  NADCA was disappointed however that the ITC maintained antidumping duties on magnesium from China.

Daniel Twarog, President of NADCA, praised the decision on Russian magnesium because it will enhance the U.S. magnesium die casting industry’s global competitiveness.  Mr. Twarog added, however, “the harm to the die casting industry will be lessened, but lack of access to Chinese alloy magnesium will continue to hamper our ability to recover since Russian magnesium producers probably will not be selling significant quantities of alloy magnesium in the United States.”

Michael Sparks, Executive Vice President of Operations at Spartan Light Metal Products of St. Louis, Missouri, said that “with the revocation of the order on Russia, our prospects for recovery will improve.  But we still need to work to make sure that alloy magnesium is available at prices and quantities that allow us to compete globally.”

In an unusual development for an antidumping duty case, more than 20 federal and state elected officials from states where die casters employ thousands of workers raised concerns in this case.

“Today’s vote provides a partial victory for U.S. jobs in the die casting industry and the supporting communities all over the United States,” said Mr. Sparks.

NADCA serves the die casting industry with education, research and development, and a constant presence in Washington, DC to support legislation and regulations that support the die casting industry in the United States.  This is one example of the work that NADCA performs in Washington, DC.  I am the Chairman of NADCA and I am very active in the die casting industry with both NADCA and my company Premier Engineered Products.

Premier Engineered Products is a corporate member of NADCA and has been in business 66 years and has a diverse customer base. Premier serves many industries and markets such as the gas meter industry, the telecommunication industry, the truck market, electronics, firearms, and furniture industry just to name a few.

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