Inherited Die Discussion/Checklist

Inherited Die Discussion/Checklist

Occasionally a situation may arise where you have to  transfer an existing die. For example, a customer might need a part tooled up as a die casting, but they are looking for a new supplier. Or maybe the initial die cast vendor is no longer in business, and the customer needs a new supplier for their die castings. Either way, you have a situation where you need to move a casting die, which is not ideal but more information helps improve the success of the transfer.

You need to quote an existing production die casting part with existing tooling, while dealing with issues such as:

  • The quality of the original tooling design
  • The quality of the initial mold
  • Possible die steel deterioration or premature steel failure
  • Lack of access to an accurate mold drawing showing you the proper sizes for the mold
  • The possible need to modify the die’s gate and runner system

These are all factors that could affect your quote, and you may have to manage with much less information than you need in this situation.

How to Address an Inherited Die Situation

So how do you proceed? First, the die caster’s tool room superintendent should meet with the customer to visually inspect the die and make sure there are no obvious problems. This includes looking for any required limit switches or hydraulic cylinders, verifying that the cavity steel is in good condition, checking the shot sleeve location and size, and check out the ejection system. This review enables the die caster and client to agree on some measure of adaptation cost before they invest serious time and money in preproduction.

The next useful step will be to go through the following checklist. Going over this checklist with the customer will help the die caster lock down most of the needed information they need regarding the production of inherited tooling parts. Everything related to the inherited tooling must be available for the die caster to review and examine, including the existing casting die, the trim die, and the secondary machining fixtures.

The die caster needs to know if the dies and fixtures are able to produce to the part print or required specifications and how much work it will take before starting production. This review will include any adaptation of caster’s equipment that production of the inherited dies may require. Once the die caster has all of this information, they can begin to generate final production estimates.

Checklist/Discussion for Inherited Die Work

Here is a quick checklist along with questions to ask should you have an inherited die project:

  • Is the Die Casting Die Available for Evaluation?
  • Date for the Die to be Available for Evaluation
  • Is the Trim Die Required and does it exist to use?
  • Is the Trim Die Available for Evaluation?
  • Date for Trim Die to be Available for Evaluation
  • Are Special Machining Fixtures Required?
  • Are the Machining Fixtures Available for Evaluation?
  • Date for Machining Fixtures to be Available for Evaluation
  • What Is the Weight of the Actual Casting?
  • What Is the overall size and thickness of Casting Die (for equipment limitations)?
  • What Is the Weight of the Casting Die (for crane limitations)?
  • Is the Die Design Available? Important for service of the mold so that mold components are dimensioned in the event they need to be replaced during the production run.

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