March 21st NADCA Training Class

NADCA Training Class

On March 21st, 2014 NADCA held a Die Cast Machine Systems Class at Premier Engineered Products for 13 employees.  The course is part of a Department of Labor Grant by New Jersey for manufacturing companies seeking to improve efficiency and productivity by employee education and skills training.

Premier was awarded the NJ Grant in January 2014 and it provides classes and training for all employees in various areas such as Quick Die Change, 5S Techniques, Lean Manufacturing, Die Cast Process, Die Cast Operator Training, and Software Training classes.

This recent Machine Systems class was taught by Scott Kirkman who is a NADCA instructor and has a great amount of experience in aluminum die casting – both process and thermal design of dies.

Premier Engineered Products has been in business 69 years and has a diverse customer base and serves many industries and markets.  Today Premier is growing and hiring new employees to meet the demands of the growing global economy.

Premier utilizes state of the art equipment in manufacturing high pressure aluminum die castings such as Kawasaki robots on all the die casting machines, VisiTrak monitoring systems, die temperature control systems, vacuum die casting, and a central lubrication system for the die spray.

If you have any parts you would like Premier to review, please send your drawings or files to lc@diecasting.com for a free evaluation and quotation.

By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products

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