My Last North American Die Casting Association Chairman’s Message

This will be my last article as NADCA Chairman and I will be moving on as of  December 31st, 2011 at which time Bob Dathe will take over the Chair position for 2012-2013.

The past two years have been packed with a lot of substantial changes for NADCA which I believe help make NADCA a better trade association and provide a higher level of support to the membership.

As I write I have just returned from both the Columbus Die Casting Congress and Tabletop Exhibition.  This event was the first “Die Cast” only event in six years.  Prior to this NADCA has been doing the Exhibitions jointly with AFS so this event was important to set the stage for future Die Cast Exhibitions.  I am happy to report that we exceeded our targeted attendance by over 50%. In addition there was more demand for exhibit floor space than what was budgeted originally.

The NADCA Show plan is to hold the major Exhibition every three years in Indianapolis branded as the “US Die Cast Exhibition & Congress” and move the smaller tabletop show/congress to convenient locations in the Midwest of the United States.  Approximately 50% of the attendees drove to the Columbus tabletop thus a major reason to locate close to the die casting geography of the US. The NADCA Board of Governors believes it is important to maintain a “Die Cast” identity with events like these in the future.

Another important event happened recently that both elevates the awareness of die casting in the US and also creates more momentum with NADCA’s government affairs efforts.  NADCA’s Secretary/Treasurer, Eric Treiber (Chicago White Metal), had his congressman, Peter Roskam, visit his plant on August 29th, 2011.  During that visit to Chicago White Metal, ABC News went on site and did an interview with both Eric and Dan Twarog, NADCA’s President.  The Congressman’s visit focused on the problems US manufacturing faces with the many regulations being imposed on the die casting industry by the current Administration.

A week later Eric was invited to Washington DC with 11 other business people to meet with House Speaker Boehner and other top Republicans to discuss job creation in America.  Later that day the 12 business people were invited to attend President Obama’s address to the joint sessions of Congress.  It was a great day for NADCA to have one of our members present in the joint session of Congress while Obama gave his speech.  This clearly points out the importance of having a relationship with your representatives in Congress and participating by attending the NADCA Government Affairs Conference in Washington, DC every year.

The future of NADCA’s Government Affairs Conference every spring may be in a new concept of joining forces with the National Association of Manufacturers.  I attended the NAM Conference this year to evaluate the potential for NADCA to hold our conference with NAM in 2012.  NAM has considerably more members and is very well connected so the speakers will be much stronger and the attendees will be greater in number with NAM.

Next year has many good things happening for the membership of NADCA.  We start off the year with the Executive Conference in Naples, Florida in March, 2012, then to the Government Affairs Conference with NAM in June, 2012, then on to the showcase Congress & Exposition in Indianapolis in October, 2012. There will also be an international tour of the Eastern Block countries ending in Prague for the International Foundry Forum – a global foundry event in which NADCA has been present the past four years.

New services such as the NADCA App and E-book Store, Webinars for dispersing R&D results and educational courses, membership surveys on questions asked by Members, educational courses both in plants and at local chapters, and the publication of White Papers for important industry topics will make NADCA a stronger trade association that services the membership on a more focused basis as the future unfolds.

NADCA is your association and what you get out of it is as great as your participation with the conferences, educational courses, attending the technical or governing committees that form the greater whole of the organization.

NADCA members consist of both die casters and suppliers to the industry.  I would like to thank those suppliers who contribute time and money in exhibition space and advertising to support the industry. This past tabletop Exhibit showed your support.  Thank you.

And lastly there are the staff members at NADCA.  Without the hard work and efforts of the staff, NADCA would not be as great as it is today.  I would like to thank all the staff for your support over the past two years to make my Chairmanship a success for the membership.

I depart with one thing to say for NADCA: keep evolving with the times.

Thank you all out there in the die casting community.

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