NADCA 2016 Executive Conference


The Executive Conference has been held for many years usually in the late winter and the sites are selected to provide the attendees with a chance to escape from the winter doldrums in most of the US.

This year saw a record attendance at the Conference mostly due to the improved economy in the past few years.  The location was in the Naples, Florida area as it has been the past three years.  The quality of speakers was excellent with a wide variety of presentations from economic growth to how to improve your eating habits.

The start of the Conference is a Sunday evening reception where the attendees get to meet and have some social time before the meetings start on Monday.

The speakers discussed various subjects from an update in Washington, DC by NADCA’s lobby firm the Franklin Partnership to Additive Manufacturing by David Schwam of Case Western Reserve University.  The technical director of NADCA,  Steve Uvardy, gave an overview of new technology and research as a result of NADCA funding.  Hal Gerber from Shiloh Industries gave a talk on the changing of the HPDC Automotive market which is projected to increase the demand for aluminum high integrity die castings in the auto segment.

One of the side activities of the conference is a golf outing on Tuesday afternoon where many of the attendees form teams that compete on the golf course for various awards.  This is always a fun and engaging event every year and will continue to be on the agenda in the future.

So if you have not attended the NADCA Executive Conference yet please do so and visit with the leaders of the die casting industry.  Next year’s Conference will be at the Marriot in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on March 5th to the 8th, 2017.

Premier Engineered Products has been in business 71 years and is privately owned and operated.  Premier specializes in medium run aluminum die castings that are machined, painted and assembled into a sub assembly for our various customers.  Premier supplies a wide variety of industries from medical to meters to lighting die castings.

Premier provides engineering input to early design of a new product for ease of die casting and processing.  Prototype parts can be produced to prove out early design iterations and time to market is achieved with the use of tool shops that operate multi shifts and seven days a week.

If you have any projects or designs you would like to have reviewed as a die casting please send them to my attention: lc@diecasting.com.


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