NADCA 2016 Poland Tour – Day 4

Dinner at Bernard's in Wroclaw
Dinner at Bernard’s in Wroclaw

After Day 3 of the tour there was a group dinner in Wroclaw that was sponsored by the die cast machine manufacturer, Buhler.  The dinner was held in Bernard’s restaurant located on the main town square. The dinner was excellent food served family style with many different dishes to choose from.  All of us in the tour had an excellent time with all our friends on the trip.

The next day, which was day four of the NADCA 2016 Poland Tour, we visited a die cast plant located in Swiebodzice, Poland called Moneva.

Moneva is a joint venture with one of the owners being Frech Machine.  They have two locations, one in Poland and the other in Germany.  They were established in 2000 and have been expanding ever since.  They are currently adding new space in the rear of the existing facility.

The plant has eight die cast machines and offers machining, surface treatments, and packing.  The casting machines range from 450 to 880 tons capacity.  They are planning to add robotic cells soon on the machines that do not have them.

Moneva Die Cast Plant
Moneva Die Cast Plant

They currently have 110 employees and have $11,000,000 sales in euros.  They export 55% of their products and their markets are auto, electronics, and power tools.

This plant was well organized and clean with relatively new equipment in place. The tour guides were very nice and open to answering all questions.  They even let us take pictures of the interior.

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