NADCA 2016 Poland Tour – Days 2 & 3

Day two of the NADCA 2016 Poland Tour was one plant tour at Skoda which was a four hour bus drive from our hotel.  I decided to pass this tour and do some sightseeing in the local region instead of riding a bus for eight hours in one day.

Day three we went to a die casting plant approximately 1.5 hour drive in the town of Lodz.  The plant was Wiifama Prexer and it was established in 1926. It was a large plant with 350 employees in total, and 100 were in the die casting department.

The die casting department has 18 casting machines ranging in size from 160 to 850 tons capacity. The machines are a combination of Buehler and Idra.  They have two Striko melting furnaces.

Tour at Wifama Prexer. W. Klups, L. Cordaro, P. Nycz

Wifama Prexer offers design engineering, a tool room capable of making dies and gages, CNC machining, various surface treatments, and heat treating.

The plant is exporting parts to China with cooperation from some of their customers.  The main product produced is a Spider Casting that is used in washing machines for a large appliance manufacturer.

The second stop on Day three of the tour was EBCC located in Wroclaw.

This plant is a permanent mold casting producer with their main focus on brake calipers and castings for the auto sector.  Unfortunately, the plant was closed for maintenance this week but we got to tour the inside and see the facility.

EBCC is part of a larger corporation, ACC which has plants located in Europe with the headquarters in Spain.  This plant has 400 employees and does $42 million is sales.  They work seven days a week and make all their tooling in Poland.

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