NADCA 2017 Executive Conference

The 2017 NADCA Executive Conference was held March 5th to the 8th at the Marriot Resort Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

This event is an annual conference for the executives of both NADCA and non NADCA members and there are very good speakers and subjects related to the die casting industry.  This year was a very high turnout of attendees with nearly 150 people.

The first day was the most intense with seven speakers with subjects from demographic change in the US to the results of a die casting benchmarking study performed in 2016 with select NADCA companies.

The second day format had only two speakers in the morning and a golf outing in the afternoon. The conference closing banquet was held that night with good fellowship and a great array of tapas for the evening.

The third day of the conference was a morning session only with adjournment at noon.

I have provided a summary of what I believe are the top three presentations at the conference which directly affect the die casting industry:

“Permanent Mold End Markets” – Daniel Twarog, NADCA President

Dan reviewed the size and scope of the permanent mold casting facilities in the US, analyzed the top end markets served by the permanent mold industry and presents the major customers. The intent of this review is to position the die casting industry to penetrate this market with the new high strength alloys being developed in die casting.

“Electric Vehicle Growth and Impact on the Die Casting Industry” –  Martin Hartlieb,Viami International

The share of electric and hybrid vehicles is growing dramatically and with auto being the largest segment for die casting the trend for reduced quantities of engine blocks, transmission cases, and oil pans will be reduced.  As the tonnage of die casting goes down it will be offset with the need for light weighting of the chassis and structure to compensate for the heavy batteries in the electric vehicles. So it appears that the need for structural die casting will be needed for this growing segment of the auto market.

“How to Select a Die Casting Machine” – Andy Behler, Blue Ridge Die Casting

Purchasing a die casting machine is a major investment for any die caster and how to select a machine should be made on more than price.  Andy presented fundamental engineering to use for evaluating one machine versus another such as platen deflection, tie bar strains, and shot end controls.  There is a lack of industry machine performance standards in die casting at this time thus the need for specific individual analysis by the purchaser.

This Executive Conference was a large success with high attendance and excellent speakers and topics.

Next year the Conference will be held in Key West, Florida.


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