NADCA Chapter 7 Presidents’ Night: State of Industry Report

NADCA Chapter 7 Presidents' Night

After looking over all the upcoming opportunities and events for the upcoming year in our previous post, I had time to reflect upon this past year’s events and all they brought to the industry. One specific event was prevalent in my mind.

On December 4th, I had the honor once again to present “The State of the Die Cast Industry” Report for the year 2013. The State of the Industry Report is given annually to the Die Casting industry as a whole by Dan Twarog, President of NADCA.  This Report is communicated to the industry via the Die Cast Engineer’s magazine December edition every year.

As the past Chairman of NADCA, the local Chapter 7  requests that I provide the Report as a presentation after the annual Christmas Presidents’ dinner.  This meeting occurs each year and honors the Presidents of Chapter 7.

The report includes macro-economic data as it relates to die casting, specific market trends in die casting, and any studies that have been done in the industry.

This past year the report showed an economy driven primarily by the auto sector, which is 68% of the die cast industry’s market.

The report also explained an OEM market study done in 2013 and what die cast customers are seeking from the industry in terms of technical information and service.

A summary of the State of the Industry Report is as follows:

  • 2014 can expect to see economic expansion ( up from 2013)
  • 2013 long term GDP experiences a below average growth margin
  • Consumer spending remains low, job market remains unchanged
  • Automotive demands places die casting manufacturing ahead of overall domestic manufacturing
  • 2014 material costs will rise
  • 2014 energy cost will stay low
  • Auto Sales are anticipating years of growth
  • 2014 predicts an upswing for other cyclical markets
  • Die casting shipments will increase in 2015 with in the increase in construction
  • Die casting shipments will experience growth in the year 2014 ( up from 2013)
  • Increased demand for die casting design information

In the future, more events will bring bigger and brighter things to the Die Casting industry. Hopefully, at the next NADCA Chapter 7 Presidents’ night there will be even more to the report, and I look forward to the honor of presenting it again.
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