NADCA Chapter 7 Presidents’ Night

December 2nd, 2015

On December 2nd, 2015 I was asked by the local Chapter 7 to present a review of the NADCA Exposition that was held in Indianapolis this past October.

Most of the attendees at the meeting did not have the opportunity to attend the NADCA Exposition so my presentation was timely and offered them a chance to see what the Expo looked like.

As the past Chairman of NADCA, the local Chapter 7 (NY, NJ, Pa) usually requests that I provide the presentation after the annual Christmas Presidents’ dinner.  This meeting is done each year and honors the Presidents of Chapter 7.

This year’s presentation was provided to me by Steve Uvardy, Technical Director of NADCA.  Steve has been travelling the country to various local NADCA Chapters presenting this information – it is like bringing the Exposition to the local members of NADCA.

The presentation covered the following subjects:

  • Background of the NADCA Exposition
  • Attendance Level of the Exposition in Indianapolis
  • Exhibitors
  • Awards that were given out at the Awards Lunch during the Exposition
  • Congress Sessions held concurrently at the Exposition

The NADCA Exposition is held every three years in Indianapolis and it is the big show where the die cast vendors bring their machines and equipment to the Expo to show the die casters who attend.  This year the attendance hit an all time high of over 2500 attendees vs the 2012 show of 2000 attendees.

On the Exhibitors side, there were 202 Exhibitors this year vs 158 in 2012.  Many of the Exhibitors were very happy with the location of Indianapolis and the amount of die cast attendees that visited the Show.

The Congress sessions had 780 registrants attend which is another record high for the Exposition.

The Congress Sessions are meetings in separate rooms from the main Exposition Hall where researchers present papers about their research projects.  This year there were twelve Sessions with topics as follows:

  • Structural & MMC
  • Process Control & Engineering
  • Cast Materials
  • Die Materials
  • Die Surface Engineering
  • Energy
  • Computer Modeling
  • Die Lubricant Testing

Overall it was a great Die Cast Exposition for NADCA and the die casting industry. We look forwards to the next big Exposition in October,2018 in Indianapolis again which is the branded location of the North American Die Cast Exposition by NADCA.

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Below are a few of the key slides we reviewed at the meeting:

NADCA Safety Awards         Doehler Award - Leonard Cordaro

Gull & Treiber Award         NADA Exhibit Floor


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