NADCA European Tour: Part 3

The tour started today with a long bus ride of two and a half hours to a small town in northernItaly. The town called Brixen is nestled in a narrow valley in the Italian Alps. The scenery on thetrip was picturesque with vineyards and apple growing farms. This area is well know for its whitewine due to the quality of the grapes.




We arrived at the Alupress die casting facility and were given a short presentation of thecompany by Mr. Juergen Mangold who is the Production Manager. Mr. Mangold also gave ourgroup the plant tour of the melting and diecasting areas. The plant was well organized with 5Stechniques and their die change times are 70% faster than most die casters according to Mr.Mangold.



After the brief tour, we returned to the bus back to Sirmione.

By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products

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