NADCA European Tour: Part 4

The fourth day of our tour started with a short ride to a die cast company Lomopress located in Monticelli Brusati which is a suburb of the city of Brescia. Brescia is in an area we know for its tool making capacity and a large concentration of die cast plants.




At Lomopress we were greeted by Mr. Fabio Zambonardi, the company’s export manager.  The tour started with the tool fabrication department where they made dies for their own use and had capacity to make dies for other die casters.

We spent most of our time in the die casting department looking at fully automated cells that included robotic extraction, quenching, trimming and layer packing the castings into containers. All the cells had production monitors that offered real time efficiency on the monitor as well as the quantity, start date and end date of the production run.

Toora Casting S.p.A.



Our next stop was the plant Toora Casting S.p.A. which is located in San Paolo d’Argon. At Toora we were greeted by the owner and given a presentation of the company. Toora does both gravity sand casting and high pressure die castingin two locations that are close to each other.

The visit to the die casting plant was very informative showing us fully automated die cast cells that served primarily the auto sector. There were a few new machines installed up to 2200 ton size serving the truck industry besides the auto industry. The tour was conducted by the Sales Manager, Mr. Pascal Rosselli.


The third and last plant tour was at Italpresse located in Brescia. Italpresse is a die cast machine manufacturer and also a maker of gravity casting machines. Italpresse is one of the co-hosts of the NADCA tour assisting in setting up the plant visits in Italy and also holding a dinner for our group on day four.

The plant tour at  Italpresse was very impressive with many new machines on the floor including two 1600 ton machines and a 3500 ton machine. The plant was very clean, organized, and busy. There were also a few gravity machines on the floor which are fabricated by a sister company called Gauss. By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products

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