NADCA Executive Conference Interview with Premier President

Premier President, Leonard Cordaro’s, NADCA Executive Conference Interview

During the 2015 Die Casting Executive Conference hosted by NADCA, a few select die casters, business owners, and suppliers  were interviewed by NADCA’s DCE Editor, Andrew Ryzner. We’re proud to announce that Premier’s very own President, Leonard Cordaro, was one of the few selected.

In his interview, Leonard is asked about Premier Engineered Product’s expectations for the second half of the year and the improvements that Premier is making or looking to make. So far, Premier has had an incredibly successful first half. Leonard discusses how improvements are being made through better industry outreach, new tooling, automation through robotics, process monitoring capabilities, and added value to die castings through increased machining capabilities and upgraded CNC machines. Premier Engineered Products has been manufacturing high-quality die casting parts for over 65 years and continues to improve and grow with the die casting industry.
If you have any questions about what Premier could do for you or have a drawing/design you need to turn into a part, email us at lc@diecasting.com.

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