NADCA: Shift in North American Machine Base

NADCA 2015 Die Casting Machine Study

NADCA Reports Shift of Die Cast Machines from Midwest to Southeast Region

NADCA’s 2015 Die Casting Machine Report estimates the number of die casting machines, breaks down their size, and alloys they produce. It also segments the data by regions of the country.

The data in this report has been taken from a number of different NADCA surveys over the years. The latest data for 2014 is from two sources. The first source is from a series of questions asked in The NADCA Benchmarking report which was released in 2013 (Item #862) and the second source of information is from data collected during NADCA’s directory, which was updated in December, 2014.

The Shift: From the Midwest to the Southeast

Since 2006, the shift has been from the Midwest to the Southeast. The other regions of the country have remained almost the same in terms of die casting machine distribution. The Midwest went from 47% of the machines in 2006 to38% in 2014. In the same time period, the Southeast grew from 13% of the machines in 2006 to 25% in 2014.

The largest reasons for the shift is labor availability and rates. Large automotive companies have come from overseas to settle in the Southeast. Die cast suppliers have followed in order to be closer to the assembly plants.

This downloadable report can be purchased by clicking here or search for item #858 in the NADCA Marketplace.

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