NADCA Tabletop Exhibition – Columbus, Ohio

International Design Award Winners Ed Wasowski (MicroCast), Dean Fuschetti (MicroCast), Michael Mirabeller (Dialight Corp.) & Presenter Leonard Cordaro (Premier Engineered Products)

September 26-28th, 2016

The latest NADCA Show just finished in Columbus, Ohio and it was a resounding success with over 120 exhibitors.  On display were the latest advancements in areas such as machines, dies, inspection, supplies, alloys, equipment, materials, and simulation software.

This show is considered a “Tabletop” show in respect to the fact that it is a small show with the industry suppliers bringing literature and samples instead of actual machines like the large show which is held every three years. The last large show was last year in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In addition to the table top exhibits there were a number of technical Congress Sessions, technical papers presented by the authors of the respective paper. These Sessions unite a few attendees who are interested in the latest technical advancement in the art of die casting. There were over 24 papers presented during the Tabletop Show.

Additional big attractions to the Tabletop Show are the Doehler Award and the International Design Awards that are given out every year. This year I had the honor of presenting all the Design Awards for the International Competition. There were ten awards in total and the categories ranged from small aluminum die castings to over ten pound aluminum die castings. In addition there are zinc and magnesium categories included in the competition.

I have included a short video of my presentation to MicroCast Technologies for the aluminum die cast category over ten pounds.  MicroCast is another die cast company that I have an ownership position in and is located in Juarez, Mexico. The casting that won the award is a heat sink low copper 360 alloy that was designed to eliminate an assembly of 16 various components and eliminated assembly and improved the heat sinking capabilities of the redesigned part. The part is used in an LED light fixture for their customer Dialite.

Next year the Tabletop Show will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on September 18-20, 2017.

If you have a need for an aluminum die casting or have a design you need to be quoted as an aluminum die casting Premier can help convert your design to a die casting with minimum secondary operations. Please send your prints or models to sales@diecasting.com.

View the International Design Awards presentation below:

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