New CNC Okuma Lathe Arrives at Premier

It is the start of a new year 2014, and Premier has just purchased a new CNC Okuma Lathe to machine aluminum die castings with exacting precision on a high volume part.

The new lathe was purchased as added capacity for a long time customer who requires the die castings machined to such a tight tolerance that 100% air gauging is needed to verify a critical main bore.



The parts are guide rollers that go into an elevator system to insure the elevators move vertically with minimal sway in the elevator shaft.  This project has been very successful and is increasing in quantity over the past few years. Premier has been casting these guides for six years now and will continue to do so with this added capacity.

Premier has been in business 65 years and has developed a diverse customer base.

A number of PDC’s customers concentrate on the following operations:

  • gas meter industry
  • telecommunication industry
  • truck market
  • electronics industry
  • firearms
  • furniture industry

Today Premier is growing to meet the demands of the expanding US economy.



Premier utilizes state of the art equipment in manufacturing high pressure aluminum die castings such as Kawasaki Robots, VisiTrak process monitoring systems, Mokon die temperature control systems, vacuum die casting, and central lubrication system for the casting dies.

Secondary Department

Premier’s secondary department consists of late model CNC Machine Centers to produce very precise machined aluminum die castings.

With late model CNC machine centers, Premier is in a position to offer high quality and cost effective machined die cast parts to the marketplace.

If you have any parts as a potential die casting you would like Premier to review, please send your drawings or files to lc@diecasting.com

By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products

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