New Equipment Arrives at Premier

It is February 2nd,  2011 and Premier has just received a new Kia 6” CNC Lathe with all the bells and whistles to machine high precision die castings on a steady basis.
The lathe arrived in the morning shortly after a frigid ice storm but the riggers and the Premier maintenance team did a quick job of moving the lathe inside and setting it up for production in less than 24 hours after it arrived on site.
The new lathe was purchased for a long time customer who requires the die castings made by Premier machined to a very tight tolerance that requires air gaging to verify tolerances.

The parts are guide rollers that go into an elevator system to insure the elevators move vertically with minimal sway in the elevator shaft.  Premier has been casting these guides for four years now and will continue to provide the customer with a precisely machined die casting for years to come.
Premier has been in business 65 years and has a diverse customer base. Premier serves many industries and markets such as the gas meter industry, the telecommunication industry, the truck market, electronics, firearms, and furniture industry just to name a few.

Die Casting Growing to Meet the Demand

Today Premier is growing to meet the demands of the expanding US economy.

Premier utilizes state of the art equipment in manufacturing high pressure aluminum die castings such as Kawasaki Robots, VisiTrak monitoring systems, die temperature control systems, vacuum die casting, and central lubrication system for the casting dies. Premier’s secondary department consists of newer CNC Machine Centers to produce very precise machined castings.

With late model CNC machine centers, Premier is in a position to offer high quality and cost effective machined die cast parts to the marketplace.

If you have any parts as a potential die casting you would like Premier to review, please send your drawings or files to lc@diecasting.com.


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