Implementing Quick Change Over Class

This past Saturday Premier held another class titled “Implementing Quick Change Over”. This is another course as part of a NJ State Grant that was awarded to Premier earlier this year.

The instructor, Frank Abatangelo, was provided for this class by the local NJMEP firm that manages the Grant for Premier. Frank’s company is FJA associates and specializes in lean & global supply education for manufacturing firms around the country. FJA is a Veteran owned enterprise and Frank has taught many businesses the art of Quick Die Changes.

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Microsoft Excel Training Class at Premier

Management Team Gets Educated in Microsoft Excel

Lean training, quick die change, die cast process training, and supervisory skills training. All topics of classes scheduled for 2014 at Premier Die Casting by a strategic educational plan as a result of a Workforce Grant received from the State of New Jersey.

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Aluminum Die Casting Quick Die Change Course

On April 26th, 2014 The PDC Team Trained with NADCA

This past weekend Premier Die Casting held a Quick Die Change course that was taught by Alex Monroe of Magma Industries. Alex is a former employee of the North American Die Casting Association and is an excellent instructor of the NADCA classes that are designed to improve the skill levels of employees at die casting companies in North America.

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A Brief Look into 4 Die Cast Software Programs

In the die casting industry we rely upon our machinery to help us accomplish everything we need; this includes design software programs. There are software programs out there that can help when it comes to the die casting process. These programs help put to life what we have inside our heads with design, and can set realistic goals for us to accomplish.

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Aluminum Die Casting – Surface Finish Guidelines

When a part is sent out for quoting to die casters there are some very important issues that need to be discussed and agreed upon between the purchaser and the die caster. One of these is the finish requirement that is needed for the end product that may or may not be included on the part print or separate finish specifications for the part being quoted.

The as-cast external surface finish classifications shown here illustrate variations in production practice. Surface finish requirements should be specified for production at the most economic level.

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