Can You Make a Career Out of Die Casting?

The die casting industry is constantly evolving and growing, which calls for more workers. In today’s economy it can be hard to find jobs that give you room to grow and evolve. The die casting industry is up and coming, even today, and is fundamental to the economy.

But what can you do in the die casting industry? Great question. There are many career opportunities in die casting. There are three main career paths that are available to dive into.

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6 Major Must-Attend Die Casting Events In 2014

If you’re in the die casting industry and looking to improve and/or expand your business, attending at least one of these events would be extremely beneficial. Go overseas to Germany or China, or if you just want to stay within the United States, this list has you covered.

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New CNC Okuma Lathe Arrives at Premier Die Casting Company

It is the start of a new year 2014, and Premier has just purchased a new CNC Okuma Lathe to machine aluminum die castings with exacting precision on a high volume part.

The new lathe was purchased as added capacity for a long time customer who requires the die castings machined to such a tight tolerance that 100% air gauging is needed to verify a critical main bore.

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NADCA Product Standards – What are They and Why Use Them?

I often receive calls or requests for quotes from designers or purchasing people who need a die casting but are not sure of the final part design or the tolerances they need for the product.

I receive a lot of questions on industry wide practices and standards which are all part of the North American Die Casting Association Product Standards that is available to the general public at a nominal cost from the NADCA publications department.

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