Halloween Recap

Because we can’t take life too seriously…

You may know them by their voices, so lets put a face to them.

Meet Ana and Felicia, the heart and soul of the customer support line at Premier Die Casting Company. Our employees wouldn’t be this enthusiastic about coming to work if they didn’t love our client base.

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Advantages of Die Casting

Very often I receive calls or requests for quote from designers or purchasing people who are not sure if they need a die casting or another process for their project.

Quite often with a good design review process we can suggest the part as a die casting along with other components that are assembled onto the initial part, thus saving tooling and other purchased components.

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Happy Halloween From Premier Die Casting!

October is coming to an end, which means Halloween is getting closer. It’s a time for fun, costumes, and candy (LOTS of candy).

But just like with any event, it’s good to remember to keep it safe while also keeping it fun. So here are some tips for making this Halloween a good one.

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Aluminum Die Casting and The Impact of Robotic Machines Over the Years

Technology has had a monumental impact in virtually every industry over the years. Whether it’s shortening the time it takes to complete a task, making it easier, or simply making it safer, there’s no doubt that technology has changed the way many things are done.

This is also true for the die casting industry. With the implementation of robotics to perform some of the tasks that are part of the die casting process, things have taken a turn for the better.

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How to Purchase an Aluminum Die Casting Mold

In the previous blog on “Types of Die Casting Molds” I explained the basics of various molds that are common in the die casting industry. The understanding of what type of mold is being offered by your die cast sources is very important for valid quote comparisons and long term costs associated with mold life and maintenance with high volume die cast parts.

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