Die Casting Vs. Metal Extrusion

While die casting may be the most modern and popular form of metal shaping for manufacturing parts, there are certainly many others to consider. It can be helpful to know about a variety of metal shaping methods in order to best determine what process is right for you, your parts and your business. One type Read More

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Die Casting vs. Powdered Metal

When it comes to shaping for manufacturing metal parts, you have a number of options available to you. The method you may know the best is die casting, but it’s understandable to be curious about other options. An interesting alternative to die casting for metal parts manufacture is powdered metal. While die casting is appropriate Read More

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Die Casting vs. Stamping

If you have the need for manufactured metal parts and are using or considering die casting for your parts manufacture, you may be wondering if and when metal stamping is appropriate for your needs. To determine this, it will help to know about both of these metal-part forming processes and how they are typically used, Read More

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Die Casting vs. Metal Forging

Die casting and metal forging are both ways of shaping metal, but both are very different processes that are appropriate for different situations. Which type of metal shaping you use will depend on your particular metal part needs. If you’re trying to decide between metal forging and die casting, it helps to know the processes Read More

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Die Casting vs. Investment Casting

Casting – a method of shaping material, usually metal, into desired shapes by melting it, pouring it into a mold of the correct shape and letting it cool – is the cornerstone of manufacturing. Historically, metal parts have had a place in just about every important machine since the beginning of the industrial age. There Read More

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