Premier Engineered Products Presented with Education Award at the North America Die Casting Association (NADCA) Expo

NADCA-Education-Award-LC-9-13The NADCA Tabletop Exposition was held in Louisville, Kentucky on September 16-18, 2013. The Exposition is a great opportunity for the die casting industry to convene, visit with industry vendors, and meet with peers to discuss current events and issues affecting the industry.

One of the events during the exposition is the Die Casting Industry Luncheon which is a tribute to individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the die casting industry and the North American Die Casting Association. The awards given out include safety awards, best congress paper award, the emphasis on education award, and the Doehler Award.

The Emphasis on Education Recognition Award was won by PPremier Engineered Products this year. This Award recognizes a die casting company that has had a specific focus on die casting education and training for their workforce. The Award is chosen by NADCA Education Staff and the Educational Committee Chairmen. The selection criteria for outstanding contribution to the promotion of die casting education includes the number of NADCA courses held over the past year, the total number of employees exposed to the courses, and consistency in offering courses over the past three years.

NADCA-Aluminum-DIe-Casting-Award-Premier-DIe-CastAbout Premier Engineered Products

Premier Engineered Products has been in business 68 years and has a diverse customer base that serves many industries and markets. Today Premier is growing and hiring employees to meet the demands of the current economy.

Premier utilizes state of the art equipment in manufacturing high pressure aluminum die castings such as robots, computerized process monitoring, die temperature control systems, and late model CNC machine centers that machine the castings produced to exacting dimensions.

With a trained work force Premier is in a position to offer high quality and cost effective aluminum die cast parts to the global market.

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By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products

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