Premier’s President Speaks at 2011 Metal Casters Alliance Government Affairs Conference

In May I had the honor of delivering the opening remarks to the 2011 Metal Casters Alliance Government Affairs Conference in Washington DC.  This year, as in years before, it was a joint conference between NADCA and the American Foundry Society.  AS NADCA Chairman, I set the stage for the conference and gave a brief overview of what to expect for the attendees of over 105 metal casters from around the country.  Here are a few pertinent excerpts from my presentation regarding the metal casting industry and the conference on May 4th, 2011 at the JW Marriot in Washington, DC.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Washington, DC and the 2011 Metal Casters Alliance Government Affairs Conference.

As NADCA Chairman and President of Premier Engineered Products, we are pleased to team up Again with AFS for this year’s Industry Government Affairs Conference.

Given the Continued economic challenges facing our country and industry, I am particularly proud that over 105 metalcasters with facilities in over 30 states have taken time away from their companies to participate in this year’s program.

In November, your votes changed the landscape of Washington, D.C.  – we now have over 100 new members of Congress.  It is critical for us to educate these new lawmakers, but also the incumbents.  This year each of you has received a congressional directory with pictures and key information on all the members of Congress courtesy of David Wolf of A Finkl & Sons and NADCA’s GA Chairman.

Thomas Jefferson once said, America is not governed by the majority, but by the majority of those who participate.  Jefferson’s belief about the impact political advocacy had on Government over 200 years ago still rings very true today.

We are here at the right time to tell the metal casting story and to remind our lawmakers how vital that castings and manufacturing is to our economic recovery.

Today our goal is to provide you with a forum where you will learn about the industry’s top priority issues and how to best deliver your message with your lawmakers.

Both organizations have identified the following 5 areas as the focal points our hill meetings:

  1. Need for Regulatory Reform
  2. Stop EPA Overreach
  3. Support efforts to lower health care costs
  4. Support Infrastructure Investments
  5. Support Pro-Growth / Pro-Job Manufacturing Policies

At the conclusion of today’s sessions, you will break out into your state groups to plan and prepare for your congressional meetings.

Given these serious challenges to the Metal Casting Industry, it is more important than ever to make our voice heard in Washington.


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