Premier Engineered Products Casting Where You Least Expect Us

As an industry leader, the Premier Engineered Products offers a multitude of services.  Among one of the most used services is metal finishing.  Prior to metal finishing, the casting and machining steps must be completed.  Metal finishing is usually the last step in production since it revolves mostly around the appearance, functionality, and preservation of products.  The metal finish acts as protective coating, which is then applied by experts to assure optimal quality.

A few of the finishing methods used by Premier Engineered Products include: vibratory deburring, electrocoating (e-coating), painting, nickel plating.  As an industrial company that deals primarily with B2B transactions, it is not uncommon that the final stage of production results in an unfinished product.  Since Premier Engineered Products deals primarily with intermediary goods, many consumers are unaware that a majority of the products they already own have passed through our factories at one point or another.

The truth is, much of the machinery used at Premier appears large and cumbersome, leaving some people under the impression that the type of business we do is unrelated to them.  However, in reality there are many well-known, small products, which require metal finishing.

Roto-Finish Before & After: Which Do You Prefer?

One popular finishing technique is known as vibratory deburring.  This method makes use of various types of compounds and media that are then moved around in conjunction with the product being finished.  Several of the most common forms of media we use are: plastic, ceramic, and steel.  Each medium and compound will vary depending on the product needs and the desired appearance.  Product needs range anywhere from rounding sharp corners to removing the oils used in the previous stages of production.

The Roto-Finish Vibratory Machine specializes in the polished look it applies to a wide variety of products.  The first example shows piano keys, which are in the process of being finished.  The second image is clear representation of how a simple finish can transform a product from looking rugged to brand new.



The Evolution of the Office Chair

Catering to the furniture industry allows us to interact with a multitude of different companies.  One of our main products is the hub that is used in office chairs, which allows the chair to spin, rise, and lower in height.  The hub is assembled in the middle; however before it can be sent out it must go through the process of e-coating.  Electrocoating is as a more simplistic application method for paint or lacquer, ensuring that no spots are missed in the process.

Chair Hub      Global Market Chair


Trigger Guard to the Rescue

Alone it does not look like much but when installed into firearms trigger guards are very important.  The function of the trigger guard is to act as a barrier to the trigger in order to eliminate the possibilities of any accidental discharges.  It is our responsibility to provide this part with a durable coat of paint.  Most of these parts are metal; therefore the durable paint helps protect the natural elements and maintains consistent product style and color by matching the trigger to the rest of the material being used.


For the Hobbyist

A coveted name in toy trains, Lionel designs and imports toy trains and model railroads.  Our role at Premier Engineered Products was to apply a base coat to all the trains.  Products like this must be treated with the utmost attention to detail since the models have a variety of different surface levels.  The ability to paint these items with such precision and speed has a led to the development of a unique niche market which caters to people of all ages.
lionel-trains-vintage    Die Cast on Trains


Back to Basics: The Good Ole’ Triple Beam Balance

Many of us may be familiar with the triple beam balance from rudimentary science classes we once took in high school or college.  The Ohaus triple beam balance is an essential form of measurement used daily by researchers, chemist, professors, and more.  Luckily, Premier had the dexterity to process the short beam portion of this product.  The short beam had to be painted before it can be distributed.  It was critical that the paint was applied evenly and accurately.  Disproportions in paint could potentially skew the functionality of the scale, so attention to detail is a must.
Short Beam    Scale made with Die Cast


Premier Engineered Products is responsible for the manufacturing and production of products across a variety of industries.  Each metal product that Premier Engineered Products finishes guarantees quality assurance.  As you can see, we deal mostly with intermediary products, which must be finished accurately to complete the final commodity.  The next time you purchase a product like the ones mentioned above, keep Premier Engineered Products in mind; there is a good chance we produced one of the components in the product.

By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products


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