Premier Helps Out at James Monroe School

Premier Die Casting Company Helps Out at James Monroe School

March 7th, 2014

Fire at James Monroe Elementary School in Edison, NJ

Hundreds of students have no school to attend after a raging fire at the James Monroe Elementary gutted their Edison classrooms, leaving district officials scrambling to find a temporary replacement for the 50-year-old building.

Investigators are still searching for the cause of the blaze that all but leveled James Monroe Elementary School. It’s an absolutely devastating tragedy for our community. Firefighters arrived at the locked, empty school around 8PM with several sections engulfed in flames.  It remains unclear what ignited the blaze, which Edison Police Chief Thomas Bryan called “very suspicious”, but the inferno seemed to be concentrated at its center near the library and school offices.

Despite heavy smoke, firefighters entered the building and tried to knock the flames back. The “defensive” effort was in vain, and the firefighters were forced to back out of the building.

Jewish Renaissance Foundation

The Jewish Renaissance Foundation was established in 1995 as faith based, nonprofit corporation with central offices in Perth Amboy, NJ.  Serving more than 2,200 people in Middlesex County each year, they are a leader in providing community coordination, emergency services, education, food and nutrition, family development, employment and training.

The CEO, Alexandra “Sandy” Mansonedt-Cross, has built her success and reputation on big-hearted caring.  Since taking the reins at JRF in 2009, Sandy has overseen the design and delivery of more than 30 Social Services programsoffered throughout Middlesex County. Her career in public and private institutions has included counseling, teaching, research and grant writing.

Premier Helps Out

Premier Engineered Products is located in Middlesex County, NJ in the town of Avenel which is part of Woodbridge, NJ.  Premier has always been part of the local community activities. In response to the fire at the James Monroe School, Premier donated a number of supplies to the school through the Jewish Renaissance Foundation.

Premier’s office manager, Felicia Rodriguez and human resource manager, Blanca Diaz donating the supplies to Alexandra of the Jewish Foundation can be seen below.  A small gesture but a big help for all the students displaced by the fire.

Premier Engineered Products has been in business 69 years and has a diverse customer base and serves many industries and markets.  Today Premier is growing and hiring new employees to meet the demands of the growing global economy.

If you have any parts you would like Premier to review, please send your drawings or files to lc@diecasting.com By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products

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