Upcoming Events in the Die Casting Industry

With summer coming to an end, schools starting up their new year, and the weather ever-so-slowly shifting to a crisper and cooler feel, it’s time to start looking ahead into the fall and thinking about what the rest of 2013 will bring. You may already be buying Christmas presents and making plans for New Year’s Eve, but don’t forget about some important events coming up in the die casting industry before then!

What kind of events are we talking about? Trust us—there are plenty to choose from.

Die Casting Congress and Tabletop, Sept. 16-18



This convention will be held at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville and will include presentations given by experts in the industry from around the world. Content will include material about the latest technology and research, as well as advice on successful management to help companies remain competitive in the industry.

The schedule for the convention includes dozens of exhibitors, the International Die Casting Design Competition, the Design Luncheon, and the all new Die Casting Industry Luncheon. Important Committee and Board of Governors Meetings will be held during the convention for those involved in the NADCA. If the Congress in 2011 was any indication (nearly 700 were in attendance), this event will be pretty huge.

Fair warning: In case you didn’t notice, this is in the very near future. The NADCA group rate at the Louisville Marriott Downtown has already expired, so if you want to make some last-minute plans to attend, you’ll have to act quickly. For registration and cost information and to see a complete schedule of the event, go to the official NADCA website, www.diecasting.org.

2013 Marketing Conference, Sept. 18-19

This conference is for those who want to learn more about the sales and marketing side of the die casting industry. It will be held at the Louisville Marriott Downtown in Louisville, Kentucky and will include talks from professionals ranging from tips on giving presentations to information on making the industry more green.

For more information on registration and cost and to see a complete schedule of the conference, just pay a visit to the NADCA website (listed above).

State of the Industry Webinar, Oct. 23

This NADCA webinar will include a review of the industry over the past six months. It will also look into the future outlook of the die casting industry and provide info on some upcoming market opportunities. Once again, for more info, check out the NADCA website.

Other Webinars

The NADCA is holding other webinars throughout the fall season, covering a variety of different topics. There are two series currently going: the Porosity Management Series and the OSHA series.

The next Porosity Management webinar will be held on September 25 at noon and will cover Die Design. This will be part 3 of the 4-part series.

The next OSHA webinar will be held on September 26 at noon and will cover Post Citation Strategies. Patricia Poole, a lawyer from Baker Hostetler who spoke at the NADCA Executive Conference, will be the presenter.

Other webinars will be held through the fall season, ranging from topics such as Wash-out and Cavitation (October 30), to H.T. Die Castings (November 20), to Optimizing Die Casting with PQ2 (December 18). For registration and cost info and for a complete list of webinars being held, visit the NADCA website.

So finish up 2013 right and check out some of these event opportunities in the industry!

Then you can go back to finding those Christmas presents.

And if you have any files you would like to send over for quotes, we will welcome them! Feel free to check out our website www.diecasting.com and contact us!

By Leonard Cordaro, President of Premier Engineered Products

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