What Die Casting Process Should You Use for Your Designs and Products?

I have been talking to potential customers for many years now regarding what die casting process is best for their specific product or designs.

Unfortunately there are many sources of design information and descriptions about each casting process scattered throughout the internet.   However, there is not too much in the way of comparative data that offers a designer or purchaser a quick overview of what is available and why a particular casting process might work best in the first place.  This is true especially if you are not too familiar with any casting process and need to know more.

As a result, I worked on gathering information and complied what I thought could be useful for those in the marketplace and help make their decision process a bit easier.



General Die Casting Design Data Sheet


Please note that this Data Sheet is a summary and the values that I placed on it are general with the intent to provide a range in each category.  As usual there will be exceptions to the rules.  If you think you should be pursuing die casting then please contact Premier Engineered Products for an introductory discussion.

Premier Engineered Products is well established, family owned and operated and provides excellent service to the marketplace.  We offer service on a highly engineered product – aluminum die casting.  Please visit our web site  for more detailed information on die casting, design ideas, process capability, and alloy data.

If you have any parts you think may be right for a die casting that you would like Premier to review, please send your drawings or files to lc@diecasting.com.


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